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Digestive System Hands-On Activities – Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestines

We did a lot of hands-on activities over the course of two or three weeks. I’m going to put them all into one post. These hands-on activities are all activities we did as we went through our Digestive Unit.  Be sure to check out our 150+ page Digestive System Packet too! Esophagus Activities: Does food fall down to the stomach? We proved that muscles helped move the food bolus down to...


Digestive System — It All Starts in the Mouth!

To start off our unit on the digestive system, I had the kids look at a diagram and write down all the parts of the digestive system. That was the first section of the pack I made (more about that below). Then we took a closer look at the mouth. We did these activities over the course of several days: I asked the kids what the mouth’s role is in...