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Critical Thinking Activities – Analogies, Logic & More

With our yearly testing behind us, we are going to spend some time on another side of math — analogies, logical reasoning, and math puzzles. These help kids develop logical thinking, analytical abilities, and mathematical reasoning. I thought I’d share some of the resources we use in our homeschool. My kids were SO, SO excited to get back to these activities!!  With life as busy as it has been, I can’t...


Brain-Teaser for You and the Kids!

Here’s a math puzzle for your and your kids. Three match sticks are laid out in front of you. Moving just two match sticks, make six.  I’ll share the answer in another day or so and explain why I’m asking!! 🙂 Happy puzzling! There’s another puzzle over at my Homeschool Den Facebook page if you like this sort of challenge! Later: The solution is here at More Math Brain-Teasers (Free...