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Minecraft Money Game: A Game For Counting Coins

ED has been working on coins this fall. She’s doing pretty well and I thought I’d combine her growing coin-counting abilities with her love of Minecraft. In fact, this past weekend she did her very first sewing project on her own using the sewing machine — the creeper which is in the photo below!   Just print out the printable below on cardstock and place a paper clip on top....


Coins, Coins, Coins! (Ages 4-6)

ED has been working on coins for math.  To be honest, sometimes things just don’t get accomplished unless I’ve taken some time before-hand to get things ready. Here are some activities I got together for her. I grabbed our coin bowl and made pre-made ziploc bags of coins for her to match.  There is one extra card for each packet. I placed five small ziploc bags with pre-counted amounts of coins...