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Valentine’s Bump Game Doubling Practice 4

Valentine’s Bump Game — Doubling (Addition)

Doubling Practice – Games and Worksheets I made a Valentine’s Day Bump Game for my daughter who is still learning her addition (doubling) facts.  We worked on these and from there we’ll move on doubling higher numbers 7 through 10s.  After that, we’ll work for a while on “what comes after” and then go on to problems like 6+7. This is a game to practice doubling (1+1, 2+2, etc.).  To...


Doubling Game (2+2, 3+3, etc.) with Pete the Cat

I made this gameboard to play with ED for math. It is the game “Bump,” for addition. Click here to download Pete’s Doubling Practice Gameboard  What you need: *Game board *Die with the numbers 1-6 *Two different types of tokens (one type per player) How to play: *One play rolls a die (with the numbers 1-6). *Double that number and cover one of the cats with her token. For example, if she...

Free Math Games: The Great Pet Races 6

Free Math Games: The Great Pet Races

I made this selection of games to help DD practice her basic math facts again.  She’s rusty on the problems like 8+7 and 6+9.  Since she and ED really love their little pets, I drew some little critters to appeal to them! You can adjust any of these board games to suit your preschooler (by just identifying the numbers on the board) or your older child (by creating more complicated...