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20+ Board Books Recommendations

  We love books! When we lived overseas, the local library was quite lacking and we wound up with quite a collection of board books by the time all three kids were born!  ED still looks at these books pretty regularly and we’ll keep them around as she becomes a more confident reader (she’s still just reading simple 3 and 4 letter words). We actually have gotten rid of lots...


14 Picture Books My Kids Love at the Moment! (ages 4 and 7)

We read a lot of books here at the Homeschool Den.  I thought I would highlight some of our current favorites.  The girls have actually been reading a lot of the same books.  I’ve been reading to the girls together at night and more often than not, DD climbs into my lap in front of the wood stove in the mornings when I’m reading to ED!  The girls are 4...