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15 Children’s Books Your 4-7 Year Old Shouldn’t Miss!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a really cute idea for encouraging independent reading.  I thought I would also share some books my girls have LOVED between the ages of 4-7 or so: The Wish Cat,  Pinkerton, Behave!,   The Clown of God,  Stellaluna,  Caps for Sale  Tikki Tikki Tembo (affiliate links)   And some more books: The Gardener,    I Have a Sister–My Sister Is Deaf,   Big Bad...


14 Picture Books My Kids Love at the Moment! (ages 4 and 7)

We read a lot of books here at the Homeschool Den.  I thought I would highlight some of our current favorites.  The girls have actually been reading a lot of the same books.  I’ve been reading to the girls together at night and more often than not, DD climbs into my lap in front of the wood stove in the mornings when I’m reading to ED!  The girls are 4...


Ten Books My 4 and 6 Year Old Love

It’s been a while since I talked about the books we’re reading.  We have lots of books around, plus we check out lots of books from our local library (50+ at a time!). I thought I’d highlight ten books that have been on the repeated request list. While we’ve read other books in the past couple of weeks, these are the books that I have read again and again (and...