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Worksheets to Accompany the Bob Books Set 2

Earlier this summer ED switched back to the Bob Book series for a little while and I made some worksheets to go along with them.  She really liked working on these. I hope someone else finds them useful. As always, they are free to download. If you’d like to share or pin, go ahead just link back to my original post. Thanks! If you use them I’d love to hear...


Beginning Reader Worksheet Pack to Accompany the Bob Books

We are using the Bob Books to help ED learn to read. She is just learning to sound out CVC words. While my other two kids learned to read early (age 3) using the Bob Book series (and others), my third child has her own pace and style of learning.  She is excited about writing words, loves to color, and has amazing pencil skills.  I made these worksheets for her. These would never (never,...