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Video Update – What in the world is semi-circular canal dehiscence?!!

Today we’re off from school because I’m on my way to Baltimore — to Johns Hopkins  — for a six month follow up after my 6th ear surgery last year!! (Okay, in reality I’ve had about 15 ear surgeries in my lifetime, but six of those were last year!!). I had a terrible year last year which resulted in my becoming deaf in that ear, but it has a good...

Thank You to My Wonderful Readers! 0

Thank You to My Wonderful Readers!

This week I’m going to hit a major milestone since joining the Parents.com team… two million hits on my blog…. one million in just the past nine months. I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team and love having the blog to share our family’s homeschool journey.  Ours is certainly not the best/ideal/only way to homeschool, but I enjoy sharing how we meander through each...


I’m Going Deaf Today (Single Sided Deafness, That Is)

Yes, literally! After 10 months of ear problems , I am heading into my 6th (and hopefully) final ear surgery this morning at Johns Hopkins. [You can read about the previous 5 surgeries to address my semi-circular canal dehiscence and the crazy symptoms  here.] My symptoms these past months include severe dizziness and balance issues, vision problems (things blur when I turn my head and bounce around when I walk/move),  problems with...