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Free Solar System Unit for Kids - Solar System Activities 0

Solar System Activities and Free Solar System Printables

Are your kids learning about the Solar System?  Here are two fun projects my youngest daughter did recently. I have added directions and related printables to our free Solar System Packet. Plus, I also added in a couple of new solar system worksheet pages. You’ll find our 25-page FREE Solar System Unit down below. 🙂 The first project was to create the planets to scale with play dough.  We made...

Free Astronomy Worksheets Middle School 0

Free Astronomy Worksheets – Middle School

Today, I have a few astronomy worksheets to share with you.  I made these for my older two (who are in grades 6 and 8).  Here are some of the astronomy topics we talked about: What is an AU (astronomical unit)? the layers of the Sun the Sun’s atmosphere solar flares, sunspots, flages planetary orbits, Kepler’s Laws asteroids, comets Last week, I shared a free packet about the planets of...

Free Planets of the Solar System Worksheets 4

Free Planets of the Solar System Worksheets

Today we have a free set of worksheets you about the planets of our solar system. These will work for a wide range of ages – PreK to Grade 5 or so. Here what is included: Solar System Poster Inner – Outer Planets fill-in-the-blank page – Fun Clipart Remembering the Planets – Mnemonics Inner – Outer Planets fill-in-the-blank answer page Our Solar System – Fun Clipart – Tracing Page Solar...