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Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit - Worksheets and Activities 0

Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Worksheets and Labs

Be sure to check out our Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit!. I have added in some new material and this Animal Classification Unit is now over 100 pages! Taxonomy is the branch of science concerned with classification of organisms into Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus & Species.  With these activities, my kids have become pretty knowledgeable about many of these groups and they especially loved the labs! This...

Classification of Animals Activity and Worksheets - Vertebrates-Invertebrates 0

Animal Classification Activity

This week I created a new Animal Classification Activity. This covers the 5 animal groups as well as some of the better-known invertebrate groups such as flatworms, annelids, arachnids, cnidarians (critters that sting) and echinoderms (spiny critters like starfish). I check in with the kids pretty regularly to see if they remember various topics we’ve covered. My youngest said she could use some review of some of animal classification (which...

Animal-Unit-100-pages-worksheets-feathers-fur-scales-skin-vertebrates-invertebrates-insects-spiders 0

Animal Unit: Vertebrate-Invertebrate Animals Worksheet Packet (100+ Pages)

Animal Unit We have a 100+ page packet all about animals! The Animal Unit covers various topics such as body coverings (feathers, fur, scales, skin),  the different types of animals (vertebrates, invertebrates), animal characteristics, insects vs. spiders, domesticated vs. wild animals, animal tracks, animal homes and shelters, herbivores, carnivores & omnivores, and much more! In our animal unit, we spent quite a bit of time on animal classification. First, we...