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Free Clock Telling Time Worksheets 0

Free Telling Time – Analog Clock Worksheets

Today, I have some new clock worksheets for kids to practice telling the time with analog clocks.  In these practice worksheets, kids have to determine the time based on the clock face with problems like these: What time will it be 2 hours from now? What time was it 3 hours ago? What time will it be 5 1/2 hours from now? What time was it 35 minutes ago? Hope...


Telling Time Practice Sheets

The kids are reviewing time in math at the moment.  Going with the same kitty theme (see the preschool math sheets I made Counting Kitties from Monday’s post), I made clocks cards for ED. If you’re interested in these two pages, you’ll need to click on both links below: Kitty-Clock Analog Clock Kitty-Clock-Digital She is using them both for matching and to play a board game.   This is the...