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Our Week’s Roundup

This week was a bit out of the ordinary.  We did a skeleton version of school each day. The kids did Math Spelling (we use All About Spelling) Grammar (see yesterday’s post) Independent reading (for about an hour each day) I read a chapter each day from our book on Sir Isaac Newton We worked on our Fifty States song. We’ve been working on that slowly, slowly this entire year....


Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

We do this activity about once a year, but it’s always a hit with the kids!  Back as a child I always did this with pine cones, but since we didn’t have pine cones readily accessible we improvised using a bit of bark. The kids spread peanut butter all over the bark and then poured bird seed on it.       Our windows are all quite high off the...


Gardening with Kids

It’s that time of year again! Our dining room table and a second table are covered with dirt planters! Last week the kids and I planted some seeds together. The kids are always excited to watch the seedlings start to grow. You can tell the kids helped since there are so many seedlings in that one pot to the right!!       We also weeded and worked on one...


My Sister’s Flood Story

Now to my family for a moment. Sometimes it’s good to know the ending and outcome of sad events.If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that my sister/bro-in-law and their family were victims of the May 2010 flooding in Nashville. My brother-in-law had just returned from a 9 month deployment to Iraq when the flood hit.  They spent 12 hours moving as much as they...

Training — Week 2 4

Training — Week 2

What inspired me to train again: My kids are such an inspiration. They have boundless energy.  I have been amazed and proud at how much they have grown this year as individuals.  LD has such amazing strength — I find it astonishing for a seven year old. (That’s LD at the top of the rope. He went zipping up really fast! He has more arm strength than I have ever...

Outdoor Time 0

Outdoor Time

 We’re enjoying lots of playdates and time with friends this summer.  What a beautiful park! On another note, I think I’m going to train for a half-marathon in September. I’m excited to have a big goal — just for ME!  🙂  It has been years since I last trained for anything.  My last marathon was on the Sydney Olympic marathon coarse… and I finished in the Sydney Olympic stadium with...

Listen to Frog and Toad Calls 3

Listen to Frog and Toad Calls

I was so excited to find this website — It lets you listen to the sounds made by frogs and toads. Since we have a symphony of frog calls at night it’s pretty neat knowing which one’s which! Here are the frogs and toads we’ve come across (in the hundreds) here in our neck of the woods:   Pickerel Frog: Fowler’s Toad: Northern Cricket Frog: Cope’s Gray Treefrog:

Our Backyard Classroom 6

Our Backyard Classroom

The past week we had a wonderful time with our friends. We took them on a short hike through the woods and spent a lot of time looking for frogs and things.  LD couldn’t get enough time down at the creek and spent a couple hours each afternoon hunting things down. We found a bunch of new (to us) critters! How exciting! I think this little guy is a Northern...

LD found a turtle 0

LD found a turtle

Today LD found a turtle out in the yard. We think it is an Eastern Box Turtle. We learned quite a bit about these critters: *Turtles can live 50-100 years.*Turtles as a species have been around for 250 million years.*Turtles eat insects, earthworms, millipedes, beetles, caterpillars, fruit, mushrooms, berries and vegetables.*The plastron or lower shell of the turtle can help identify its sex. Male turtles’ lower shells are concave (goes...


Gardening and our new gardening science curriculum

Gardening continues to be a rewarding part of our home life.  We all have an incredible enthusiasm for our new gardening adventures! Here’s a glimpse at our veggie garden. I put in planks to keep ED and the others from wandering all over the garden. They enjoy balancing along them and have claimed certain sections for themselves! We already have quite a large number of lettuce plants (since that’s one...


Gardening with the Kids

We have been outside working in the gardens almost every afternoon (for 2-3 hours). This is such a huge part of our life right now, I just had to write a bit about that again.  I thought the girls looked particularly cute yesterday.  Yes, I let my girls garden in velvet dresses!!  They are looking intently for grubs because I mentioned that that they aren’t good for the garden.  When...

So Many Toads! 2

So Many Toads!

The other evening I came home during a thunderstorm.  The toads were covering the road leading to our house. Not one or two, but so many that I couldn’t drive the car around them. I went back a little later and there weren’t nearly as many, but still saw at least 50 toads! And saw that even though I was driving about 5mph and swerving wildly from side to side,...

White-Tailed Deer 0

White-Tailed Deer

Sorry for yet another picture, but we’re just thrilled watching the deer!  We’re at a timeshare with Grams and Gramps for a few days and have been having a wonderful break.  Yesterday we spent all day at an indoor water park.  I must have gone up the stairs (about three floors) at least 25 times with LD and DD!!  Whew!  But there were no lines.  How amazing to homeschool and...