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Ten Books My 4 and 6 Year Old Love

It’s been a while since I talked about the books we’re reading.  We have lots of books around, plus we check out lots of books from our local library (50+ at a time!). I thought I’d highlight ten books that have been on the repeated request list. While we’ve read other books in the past couple of weeks, these are the books that I have read again and again (and...

Grammar Games (online) 0

Grammar Games (online)

If your child needs to review some grammar rules, here are a few online games he/she can play: Magical Capitals: Help the fairy find all the words that should be capitalized. Comma Chameleon: Help the chameleon punctuate sentences. Blown Away: Determine which letter in the sentence should be capitalized. Beat the Clock: Apostrophe practice. Rewrite the sentence by adding an apostrophe and/or s. Play your Caps Right: Find the words...


Free Beginning Reading Program, Sam Books

One of the things I’ve been doing  since returning from our trip is to continue planning for our homeschool.  I came across an email from [Added in 9 months Later: These are no longer available for free from ReadingTeacher. Instead I wound up visiting Dr. Mariott’s website and downloaded them from there. We wound up using all 52 of these readers with ED, my youngest. They really worked well...


Beginning Reader Worksheet Pack to Accompany the Bob Books

We are using the Bob Books to help ED learn to read. She is just learning to sound out CVC words. While my other two kids learned to read early (age 3) using the Bob Book series (and others), my third child has her own pace and style of learning.  She is excited about writing words, loves to color, and has amazing pencil skills.  I made these worksheets for her. These would never (never,...

Read Aloud Time 0

Read Aloud Time

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to describe how homeschooling works.  Lots of things happen simultaneously and our read aloud time is the best example of this.  This semester our read aloud time has been mostly centered around American history (though we also read a book about Isaac Newton). We were studying the American West and so we read the  Sign of the Beaver, Little House in the Big Woods, and The...


Princess-Themed Sight Word Game

A couple of years ago I made game-boards to go along with some cute princess-themed sight word cards I found over at Kelly’s Kindergarten. Print out both pages of the sight words  “Cinderella’s Ball.” (3rd game down) and/or the sight words under Sight Word Memory: Princess-easy (you’ll need to scroll down to the 15th game).  Print out the cards on cardstock. To play, place all the cards face down in...

Reading Roundup:  Author, Patricia Polacco 0

Reading Roundup: Author, Patricia Polacco

 The past few weeks, we’ve been reading through many of Patricia Polacco’s books.  I know as an adult, I get fixated on one or two authors (Paullina Simons–The Bronze Horsemen series, Jodi Picoult, Philippa Gregory, Rick Riordan). And LD has his favorite series too reading through all the Magic Tree House books, Beast Quest series (he’s on number 36), Andrew Lost and the A-to-Z Mysteries. We have all really enjoyed...

Reading Roundup — Australia 0

Reading Roundup — Australia

We loved this book!  It was about a farmer who winds up running a long race from Melbourne to Sydney. Wonderful pictures.  Below are two other Australian books we really love. Both books below highlight a lot of the native Australian animals. Please like & share:

Reading Roundup – China 4

Reading Roundup – China

We are using the Five in a Row book list  and some recommended children’s authors to add some spice to our children’s literature readings. WOW! Have we had a wonderful time so far on this adventure! Here is our children’s literature book list, a collection of authors and titles we are making our way through (though I liberally add in my own books/findings as you see!). These books have a...

Reading Roundup — The Amazon Rainforest 4

Reading Roundup — The Amazon Rainforest

We are using the Five in a Row book list to add some spice to our children’s literature readings this summer and into the fall. We bought two of the FIAR curriculum guides (for vol. 2 and 3) and will use the other two lists as a reference to bring great books into the house. We also will be going through the children’s literature author’s list suggested by Lucy Calkins...

Free Book — Beacon Second Reader 4

Free Book — Beacon Second Reader

I used the Beacon Second Reader with LD a couple of years ago.  DD has been reading them aloud in the past few weeks.  When I downloaded them a couple of years ago, I printed it all out.  I got a Nook for my birthday, though, and decided to download the book right onto the Nook.  Neat!! Anyway, these stories are at the perfect (if not a bit easy) level...