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Dino Blast Game 0

Dino Blast Game

The other game we played this week was an odd-evengame called Dino Math Blast also from dice were craft cubes. I used blue, green and yellowcubes and wrote the numbers 0-5, 6-11 and 12-17. Thefirst player rolled the die of the color space they werecurrently on. If the number was odd the odd dinosaurmoved ahead one space, if the number was even theeven dinosaur moved ahead. Then it was...

Baking 0


I put a recipe for DD in her workbox thisweek. It was an easy recipe to make “acorncookies.” DD had other ideas, though, andwanted to make gingerbread men. We didthat instead (though I have no picture ofthe actual gingerbread men because theywere the first to get eaten!). Then I had alate night call from my sister and made theacorn cookies myself. It was lovely kickingback and having a tea and...


Making Candy Corn

We all LOVED making and eating candy corn today. It is not sold here where we live.  We visited for instructions. It was easy, the kids enjoyed helping me and LD was impressed. “Wow Mom! YOU knew how to make real candy!!!” We halved the recipe which made more than plenty. As you can see, I added baking chocolate to make brown candy corn. Also, I made pumpkin balls...

Decorative Skulls 0

Decorative Skulls

This morning LD and I decorated skulls. I got this ideafrom First, he traced the outlineof a skull from a skeleton puzzle we have. Then he drewthe eyes, nose and mouth. We decorated it symmetricallyand cut it out. Then we put it up on our front door. Ourback-drop paintings are from the paint popping activity we dida few weeks ago.

Jack-o-Lantern Math 0

Jack-o-Lantern Math

We have little jack-o-lanterns and some Halloween-themedbeads that we’ve used for math in various ways. Today, DDhad to choose four cards, count out that number of beadsand put them into the jack-o-lantern. It helps with one-to-one correspondence. For LD I’ve used these same items for addition and skipcounting practice (basic mulitiplication groupings). ED just likes to put the beads into the jack-o-lantern whichI let her do if I can sit...

Halloween Felt Board Scene 1

Halloween Felt Board Scene

This afternoon DD and I sat down together to put togethera new felt board scene. This is based on Five Little Pumpkins .DD and ED had fun making and remaking the jack-o-lanterns’faces. I read the story several times while DD acted itout on the felt board. I took the picture in the book display area I was mentioningin the post I wrote yesterday about reading (scroll down below). By the...

Paint Popping! 0

Paint Popping!

A while back I read about a family who put paint inziploc bags and had the kids jump on them. Nowthat the weather is warming up, we decided to giveit a try. Some of the bags we filled with paint andair; some of them we had paint, vinegar and bakingsoda (to expand the bag). LD was able to pop allthe bags (and the ones without vinegar/bs “lookednicer”), but DD and...