Month in Review: 27 Posts from October

Our month of posts, October 2014: I thought it might be helpful to have a list of posts you may have missed.

1. Learning about the Solar System (Hands-On Kit the Kids Loved)
2. Earth Science: Timeline of Earth Activity
3. Free German Worksheet Packet on Animals
4. States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas — Learning Activities
5. Free Fall Themed Activity Packs for 3-6 Year Olds
6. Earth Science: Layers of the Earth Hands-On Activity
7. German Stories for Children Online (Free Animal Packet, vol. 2)
8. Native Americans of the Northeast Unit (Part I, Algonquian Indians)
9. Lunar Eclipse Tests Parent’s Patience
10. 15 Halloween Party Games
11. Free Earth Science Packet on the Layers of the Atmosphere (19 pages)
12. Learning Latitude, Longitude and Using a Compass
13. Free Rocks and Minerals Packet (25 pages)
14. Native Americans of the Northeast Unit (Part II, Iroquois Indians)
15. Signing with Babies and Toddlers (Baby Sign Language)
16. How Do I Get Started Homeschooling?
17. Do You Have Trouble Getting Everything All Done?
18. Earth Science: Earth’s Geologic Timeline
19. Make This Ghostly Game with a Box and Ping Pong Balls
20. Learning Sign Language for Older Kids (and Parents!)
21. Writing Workshop: What We’re Doing for Writing This Fall
22. What To Do With That Halloween Candy? (Science Experiments, Donations…)
23. Free Halloween Math Worksheets: Addition, Subtraction, Coins and Skip Counting
24. 6:45pm Tonight Watch the Antares Rocket Launch (East Coast, USA)
25. Spooky Science: Dry Ice Experiments
26. Free Halloween Math Practice Pages: Multiplication, Division, and Fractions
27. Travel School: Homeschooling on the Go!

Blast From the Past:

This post has been getting a lot of hits lately: Animals Around the World (Free Montessori 3-Part Card Download)

You’ll find the link to download these world animal cards free at that blog post.

Coming up in November:

Earth Science Posts (Hope to get the huge packet done/posted.) We’ll have posts about continental drift & our activities about tectonic plates, volcanoes and earthquakes. We have a lot of fun, hands-on activities coming up!
Fall & Thanksgiving posts
The American West
Native Americans of the West
Free Skip Counting Sheets

If you found this round-up post helpful, I’d love to hear from you over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page. I just thought I’d try something new. 🙂 ~Liesl

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