Beautiful Ice Storm

The ice storm that hit our area was incredibly beautiful.

Ice Storm

ice storm

Our house is nestled down in the woods and the trees were so pretty. The kids and I spent a lot of time outside taking pictures:

ice storm

DD took this picture:

Ice Storm

The evergreens looked pretty too:

Ice StormIce Storm

The holly bushes looked so striking with their bright red berries!!

Ice Storm Holly

We had to include this last picture because it looked so crazy that the icicles were forming upward!

Ice Storm

Now we’re bracing for snow… 4-5 inches tomorrow! We tend to loose power with most every storm that comes through… but we’re prepared with the wood stove, flash lights and a camping stove for making coffee! (From the picture below you can tell that we put off doing any schoolwork until the end of the day. Too much gallivanting around outside sledding down the icy hill and taking pictures!)

Fire Place

I just wanted to add that the beautiful icy scenery was MUCH better viewed here from the safety of our home.  When we were on our way home Sunday afternoon we passed five accidents in twenty minutes along the interstate… and that was with the traffic creeping along at 30-35mph.  Most of them were cars/trucks that slid out on the slush/ice, but one car was upside-down on its roof.

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