Glockenspiel — A Wonderful First Instrument for Kids

Yesterday I mentioned that we are trying to add in more music to our summer.  I shared a packet of some fun kids songs we’ve been singing. We’ve also been more regular about practicing instruments. DD is learning a new piece on the piano and I started sitting down with ED again to help her learn some pieces on the glockenspiel.

I started all of the kids around the age of 5 on the glockenspiel because it is quite easy to learn.  It is set up like a piano.  I haven’t yet introduced anything about notes (the rhythms or to read music).  ED quickly caught on and now knows several pieces.

playing the glockenspiel

I really like the sound and quality of the glockenspiel we got years ago — it is a Lyons glockenspiel  (affiliate link) and is now about $25 at Amazon. The notes are all in tune and have a really pretty sound. It has held up well through three kids… including babies and toddlers who colored on it, banged on it and generally treated it roughly.

As you can see from the music she’s looking at above, I just wrote out the notes (Hot Cross Buns). The pictures (of a hot cross bun) were smaller and closer together on the faster rhythms.  You can also find some simple sheet music by looking around the internet. Someone told me out some easy beginning violin music that could easily be used with this glockenspiel as well.

P.S. If you are looking to add some Music Appreciation to your day, be sure to check out this post which share some of the free music resources we have on the website! 🙂 Free Music Appreciate Materials for Kids

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