“Ugly” Crafts Never See Blog Fame…

…just the cute ones win out!

Do you do little crafts with your kids?

I’m just as guilty as the next blogger in only sharing the cute-craft successes.  This post was originally just a shout out to ED’s little lion project. Cute stuff, but really that doesn’t demonstrate the creativity and imagination of the poor, “ugly” crafts that get made at the Homeschool Den. Most of those don’t even get immortalized with a photo!

My kids are constantly making their own crafts, but they are generally not the things I can blog about… an empty milk carton attached to an empty cereal box with tape… See Mom? It’s a monster?


Will this picture “make” the Pinterest boards? LOL!

A Popsicle stick with two googly eyes glued on?  DD’s “imaginary friend,” Bobby. 

This creation, I was told, has a grappling hook on the end!


Can you immediately identify this gem? No? Well, it’s a puffer fish!


An empty glue stick with three triangles taped on… LD’s missile.


Or then there was the time a month or so ago that we dyed pasta and the girls made cute mosaics with the pasta pieces… but did you see the photo? No, because Boomer ate the pasta pictures (glue and all) that we left on the floor drying!

So no glorious craft photo to share here despite the pre-picture of pretty pasta!


We did have a small “success” last week when ED was learning about the animals of the world. I asked her if she wanted to do a craft… and she decided to make a lion. We looked at all the possible lion crafts… and made a composite. It’s a cross between various crafts we saw on the Internet.



She was pretty proud of her finished product and did it mostly on her own. It was fun… and I even taught her how to rub the paper over scissors to make the paper curl. (See that one curly whisker?)


The next ten crafts the kids make, though? You probably won’t see them here… but honestly, I should be celebrating the creativity and imagination that went into those poor “ugly” crafts just as much!

Funny, the blog-life we choose to share…


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