Spelling: Silent Letters

Instead of jumping straight back into All About Spelling, I had the kids work on words with silent letters last week.  You can find this word sort in the language materials area at Montessori for Everyone.

I made a couple of work sheets for DD and LD to do with these. You can download them here if you are interested. You can see the first two pages below.

Words with Silent Letters

Have you heard of Spelling City? I’ve heard about it for years, but only now am giving it a go with LD and DD. You can type in the words your child is learning. There are lots of activities to choose from (this is a screenshot of the fill in the missing letter game)…
And this was Hangmouse:
LD said it was “good.” Can I play one more game and THEN let DD try it? (Of course it was bedtime when he was asking this!) So then they played a round of unscramble and I sent them off to bed:
The other spelling game website we tried out was http://kidsspell.com. It was similar in that you could type in your spelling word list. It had an even larger selection of games. Here are just three we tried out. From what I see, I bet we’ll get even more use out of this website.
We also did some contraction review. This cute penguin and snowman themed activity is from Heather’s Heart. Thank you, Heather!

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