I Don’t Know Whether to Be Grossed Our or Proud

LD pulled out his microscope this week and has been using all the science slides and rushing outside to bring things to look at.

“MOM!!” he shouted at one point. “You’ve gotta check this out.”

“Wow.  What is it honey?”

“My booger.  I never knew it would look like this.”

“Umm… yeah. Neat.” Glad to know he’s so inquisitive, but yucko.  (I made HIM wash the slide and slip cover!)

On another note, I like this microscope as a beginner’s microscope because they can look down through the top or look at the image from the front (see the photo below). I don’t know if this is common, but I like this feature.

We got this microscope as a free gift years ago with a subscription to Horrible Science.  LD was tiny, but my sister’s kids were homeschooling and so I got two subscriptions and saved ours. Now, five+ years later we’re really, really enjoying them.  I don’t think the magazine has ever been released in the US, but it’s too bad because the content is fun and wonderfully educational.  Topics range from chemistry to the human body, slugs to space. Each magazine came with a little toy or something too (slimy brains, little science experiments, etc.)  The kids have pilfered through most of those now (I let them have access to the collection since we moved here), but there’s still years of great content in the magazines.

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