Recommended Science Books: “Totally Amazing” Series

 I was telling my friend today how much LD loves this series of books.  We first got a couple of these in a lot/group of science books that we got off of ebay.  But LD loved them so much that I wound up getting them all. There’s not a week that goes by that LD doesn’t pick up one or two of these to read through. They tend to reside on the kitchen table!! With that kind of enthusiasm I thought they’d be worth mentioning to others with science-loving kids!

Below I included a few close-ups so you could get a feel for the layout. Each book is 32 pages including the index.

The titles include
Totally Amazing…
Sea Creatures
Natural Disasters
Rain Forests
Night Animals

These books have a different title in England.  The series is the “Totally Weird“… Mummies (and so forth).

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