Mentioning Some Favorite PreK – K Websites For Creating Themed Units

I’ve been kicking myself because several of my favorite websites were not in my sidebar (or in my bookmarks) and I just spent ten minutes trying to remember what one of them was called. Argh!  So, I’ve added them in but I’ll mention these in a post too if you’re not familiar with them.  If I’m getting a themed unit together for any of my kids even my second grader (though I labeled this preK and K) these are a few of the websites I almost always check out: (a member-fee required but I love, love this website and their printables. I use it two or three times a week.)
And here’s one of my new favorites — with wonderful theme ideas:  This website is similar in nature to another great kindergarten resource over at Little Giraffes

If you’re in need of some good quality art projects for your kindergartner or above… make sure you visit regularly!  The crafty crow always has wonderful arts and crafts projects which you can search through to add to a themed unit.

Do any of you have some favorite resources? I love checking out new websites!

We’re off and running with a Fall Theme at the moment.  We’ll be posting about our projects soon, but would love to hear from you if you’ve done fall themed projects!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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