Fabulous Fall

We had fun on our nature walk and found such beautiful things!!  We have a full grocery bag of acorns and pine cones for crafts in the coming weeks.  The kids have never seen fall leaves (and Daddy and I haven’t seen fall for 14 years or so!)  It is so, so amazing to be experiencing autumn again!  Gorgeous!  And the kids are so excited to see the white-tailed deer up close. 
I love this explanation of why leaves change color from nature detectives.  It’s five pages and is appropriate for early elementary (even DD, age 5 can understand a lot of it). It’s a great website.
These white-tailed deer were very tame, but it made me sad to see people feeding them cheese doodles and potato chips (goodness, I don’t like to feed that stuff to my kids very often!!).  I feel like “the big bad Mom” telling the kids not to feed them people food.  I guess a lot of people feel otherwise.

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  1. Gigi says:

    Just beautiful! Fall is my favorite season!

  2. Gigi says:

    Just beautiful! Fall is my favorite season!

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