Pets Theme — Patterns, Countin’ Whiskers Blindfold Game, Colors

This week ED and DD are going with a pet theme for some of their activities. Even before I could finish printing things out DD was bursting at the seams to play!

This is a pattern matching game from  (a paid website whose graphics and activity ideas are wonderful and well worth the membership fees for us — ages 2-6 or so — we use it all the time and it is always one of my first “go to” sites.).

After playing the stripes/spots matching game at least 4 or 5 times, we talked about the patterns she saw.  Then I handed these blank kitty/doggy pages and told her to design her own patterned pets (while I rushed off to do other things).  Here’s what DD came up with (ED just colored, obviously!)
Some of my best ideas come in the peace and quiet of the shower!!  This activity is just to reinforce basic numbers and counting.  DD was blindfolded and had to pick up a number, feel it and then put that number of whiskers on her cat.  Lots and lots of giggles resulted and I think we just tried to make the craziest cat! Everyone wanted a turn (and another and another!) We all helped ED count the whiskers as she put them on her page.

Kidssoup had a kitty-poem and these colored kitties.  The poem was about a cat that changes colors as she eats different foods.  As I read the poem, ED had to pick up the correct colored kitty and hold it in her hand.  She did really well (though LD and DD couldn’t resist helping her out a number of times.  I had to shush them so ED could do it independently.)

We’ll have a few more pet-related activities as the week goes on.

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