Getting Settled into our Home and into a Routine

 A few days ago we got all of our stuff from Australia. There are boxes everywhere and then there’s all the stuff that’s out of the boxes, but hasn’t yet found a home!

Meanwhile, we’re trying to get the kids into a bit of a routine. We’re trying to ease back into our homeschool activities. They’ve also spent hours playing with their toys and re-discovering all their belongings.

I finally found all the parts to the workboxes and have them set up. Those work extremely well for us because the kids have a selection of activities appropriate to them. I hope to have them filled on Monday.)

We need to make math fun right as we get back into the swing of things. Here we’re playing “Go to the Dump” matching two numbers to make a total of 10.

We inherited this rubber plant from the previous home owners.  We’ll use it as part of our (Montessori) plant care.  The girls watered it and then cleaned its leaves.
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