This week reviewed the seven continents (and sang the continent song).  We used a different map than the one pictured here and moved magnetic continents to the correct place on the map.  DD asks again and again, “Do we live in America now?” Even little ED has asked, “Is this home?  Daddy home? LD home?  Boomer (the dog) home?” and through the entire family.  Change is hard, I think.   LD has spent quite a bit of time this week with the geography toy pictured above.  It introduces capitals, the population of various countries and other tid-bits.
This year we’re going to learn a lot about our new home and country.  We started our introduction to America by reviewing the trip we made this summer… We first flew into LA and visiting the LaBrea Tar Pits, Disneyland, visiting the cousins, etc.  Then we flew to Colorado, visited another cousin, sold our house.  We talked about the beautiful Colorado mountains.  Then we drove across CO and Kansas.  We talked about all the smelly cattle pens along the way and visiting Dodge City (an “Old West Town”).  From there we drove on to Missouri.  The highlight (besides Grams and Gramps!!) were visiting Silver Dollar City and finding lots and lots of fossils.  Finally the last leg of our trip was to head east to our new home. 
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