Wildflowers: Chickory

More or less as long as I can remember, I’ve loved being outdoors and exploring nature. As a youngster, I used to take my miniature poodle and go for long walks along the trails of the local park (there was a pond, a stream and rumors that an “electric eel” lived in the water hole!!). Later I became a camp counselor, hiked sections of the Appalachian trail with friends, did wilderness training courses and was an outdoor ed instructor for teenagers. Of course that love of nature never left me as you can see scrolling through the “Where we Live” (now past tense!) pictures of central Australia.

But now… now we’re home. Back to the familiar plants and animals of America. I’m loving it and am thrilled to be introducing all this to the kids more or less for the first time! I mentioned before that this week we’ve seen squirrels, skunks, a fox,a ground hog and lots of deer. These are all “exotic” animals to my kids at the moment. How neat! I’ve also really loved being around the summer wildflowers again and pointing them out to the kids. And just because flowers are so beautiful, I’ll share some of them here starting with the chickory.

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