Workboxes: Set to Go!

This is probably not the typical workbox picture, is it?!
As you can see, we’ve broken down the workboxes and
stacked them, ready for the movers. Now all school
supplies that I’ve chosen for the next few months are in
the green bag there. (Ignore the blue tray; it has manipulatives,
workbox subject labels and other random things that have
yet to be packed and put away.)
These days, school is considerably less “hands on” since
we haven’t done any new units lately. The school stuff
I’m bringing for LD consists of

**Singapore Math
**Generic Math practice book
**Math manipulatives/Montessori math stuff
**Add It and Subtract It (Erica’s new games at Confessions of a Homeschooler. Thank you, Erica!!!)
**HWT–cursive handwriting practice
**Piano/Trumpet practice books
**Some Montessori science/3-part cards

Independent Reading

I did a lot of ebay bidding and sent a lot of books to my
sis-in-law. You can get a “lot” of books for less than a $1
(US) per book most of the time. So, we won’t be bringing
any of our books with us and instead have “new” (to us)
books waiting for us.

Just let me add–if you’ve never bid on ebay for children’s
books, here are a few things I’ve learned.  I’ve found some
great “lots” of books if I searched under “Hello Readers” or
“Step Into Reading” (great for beginning readers who are
doing  independent reading),  Caldecott (children’s books that
have won awards),  Newberry (chapter books that won awards
for the 8-12  year old crowd or good for reading aloud to the
5-7 year old+ crowd depending on the content of the book) or
under the author of your choice such as Tomie de Paola,
Steven Kellogg or whomever.

And on another note–I’m SOOOOoooo happy!  We’ve
now sold both our truck and car as well as all of the
outdoor play equipment, baby stuff that we’ve moved
beyond, 220V appliance etc. etc.  It’s been such a LOT
of work getting for sale lists up, having people over to
buy things and all that.  We have a few more small things
to get rid of, but I’d say the majority of the stuff we had
to sell is taken care of! Whew!

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  1. Kylie says:

    I haven't visited in awhile. Good luck with your move.I am guessing you sold all of your books on ebay….what a pity I missed that, I probably would have taken several off of your hands!

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