Learning to Read: Readers We Use (continued)

This is a continuation of the post: What We’re Using to Teach DD (age 4 1/2) to Read where I explained that DD is using

  • Animal Antics (affiliate link)
  • Starfall Books
  • and other readers to learn to read.

Primary Phonics by EPS:

This fall, DD will also work on the first two sets (20 books) of Primary Phonics Readers by EPS (affiliate link) . All I have are the storybook sets, though they do
have workbooks and other things.

Those stories about about
16 pages long and I found them to be a perfect transition after
LD finished the Bob Books (affiliate link) and Animal Antics (affiliate link)  type readers. They
have a bit more of a meaty story to them. I’m not sure if DD
will be quite ready for them in a couple of months, but since
I have no idea when we’ll buy a house and be able to get all
our stuff (could be anywhere from 3-6 months from now),
I’ve decided to carry these along with us.

I’ll also bring along these little readers from My First Little
Readers. These are more repetitive, just changing one
word that the child can guess from the picture, but LD
seemed to enjoy these. They are called My First Little
and there are levels A, B, C, etc. Again, DD is not
ready for them yet, but could be in two or three months.

So that’s our learning to read curriculum. We have some
other things, but I only mentioned the things I’m bringing
along and the things I found most successful with LD.

As for LD (age 6), I’m not bringing any set books and will
just let him pick out books he wants to read at the
wonderful inexpensive bookstores in the US!!!! That’s not
even to mention the used bookstores! He reads really
well for his age and I let him choose what he’s interested
in much of the time right now. He’s been reading lots and
lots of the Henry and Mudge books, though they’re on the
‘easy’ side for him, that works well because I’m so busy
packing/sorting, etc. I’m happy for him to enjoy reading
and build on his reading confidence.

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