Cubby House Fun

I bought foam remninants and made lots of foam
cushions of all different sizes years ago from the
small ones above to the long, 5 foot ones below.
My kids have such a great time playing with these!
They are constantly building cubby houses.
Yesterday, they put on a long “show” for me. LD
was under the cubby (see the hand in the middle
picture) when suddenly an earthquake struck AND…

eventually it turned into a gymnastics and dance
show! (And yes, I sat quietly through the 30+
minute show, my mind whirling with all the things
I “should” be doing!!)

I thought I’d post these in case this is often what
your living room looks like!

And if you look carefully, you’ll see piles of “stuff”
on the flat surfaces including the couch. (heh-heh!)

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