World Biomes Pin Map and Pieces — Download Available

This post is best viewed here. I’ve added pictures and updated this post!!

World Biomes Pin Map – Rain Forest, Desert, Savanna, Tundra and More

I obtained permission to use the world biomes map and legend that I used to create our pin map. I went ahead and made downloadable pages for you to use. It is three pages long. The first page is the World Biomes Map and Legend, the second and third pages include the specific biomes and photos that go along with each one. Pin Map Pieces, page 1; Pin Map Pieces, page 2 and extra biomes legends.

You can see more details about our pin map here or click the link about biomes; animal habitats on the right sidebar.

My son wants to study reptiles next.  I made some reptile cards that go along with our biomes map and will share those soon. We’ll be finishing up our studies of the rainforest in the next couple of days.  I chose reptiles that came primarily from the rainforests and from the deserts (the biome we’ll focus on next). The downloads will include three part cards and little pin-map pieces that go along with the biomes map. It’ll be more clear when I have a chance to post photos and to upload the reptile cards. Stay tuned!

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