Things Around the House

Homemade Graham Crackers:
I’ve been making our own graham crackers for a couple
of months. While they can made to look very authentic,
I’ve recently been putting the dough into a large rectangular
loaf in the fridge. Then I cut slices and bake them on a
silcone baking sheet whenever we want them.

Here is the graham cracker recipe if you’re interested.

Here are a couple household hints you may or may not
know about.

Getting rid of sticky glue from a label:
Do you ever have a label or sticker that leaves a sticky
mess behind when you remove it? Well, if you take a dab
of peanut butter, it’ll often remove the sticky glue.

Thoroughly cleaning a water bottle:
We carry water bottles every time we leave the house, since
we live in a desert climate. To clean the straws and
various parts of the water bottle, I put warm water into the
bottle (or into a bowl containing the parts to be cleaned).
Then I add one Polident Denture Cleanser tablet. The
tablets are anti-bacterial. I soak them for anywhere from
15 minutes to overnight. I always wash the water bottles and parts again.

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