Science Center Monday — Experiments: Float a Needle; Soap Propelled Boat

Our third little experiment was to try to
float a needle.

First, we dropped a needle from up high, then
lower and lower to see what happened. No
matter how close we were to the top of the
water, the needle sank.

Then I said we were going to try to make a
needle float. The excitement and anticipation built…

Gently the kids placed their needles on a
small piece of tissue paper. We watched
as the tissue paper started to sink and float
away. LD’s needle did indeed float. For
some reason it took several tries before DD
was able to get her needle (which was smaller)
to float.

The soap propelled boat experiment was a big flop! Only
once did we get the boat to zoom away and that was when
a small piece of soap fell into the water nearby. We never
got a chance to look up other procedures on the internet
to try to find out what went wrong.

Perhaps part of the problem was that our soap flaked
into the tiniest little pieces. It definitely didn’t “adhere”
to the card like the directions told us to do. Also, I never
looked to see what the boat should look like (we used the
little shapes below).

Hopefully we’ll have the time to try this out again. From
what I could see from that one instant, it could be a really
neat experiment!

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