Preschool Peek — Fruits and Vegies and Where’s the Fairy?

Here’s a peek at a couple things DD did this week in her
workbox. The plant sorting activity was from
It goes along well with some plant related games from the
Take it to your Seat Science Centers we’ve had in the
workboxes this week.

Where’s the Fairy? — Reading/Word Game

The second activity uses Ami’s household word cards at
Homeschool Share– Workboxables. Since DD is on the
cusp of learning to read (but doesn’t want ANY help if
she’s reading a Bob book), I’ve been trying to play lots
of word games with her. This game was based on something
I read in The Mailbox.

I printed out two copies of the word list and had DD glue
five words on a plate. Then once she and I read the words
together, we took turns hiding the fairy under the plates.
Before she could turn the plate over she had to turn the
plate over. When she hid the fairy for me, I asked, “Is
the fairy under the gum?” She had to find the word
and turn the plate over for me. She loved this game and
was all grins from ear to ear!

I laminated the other sheet and had her match the words,
saying them as she matched them.  She seems to really
enjoy these matching games (I have a few file folder games
that she enjoys doing, but even without the pretty graphics
she enjoyed matching the two words.)

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