The Real Preschool Day

As I was out walking our dog this evening, I was thinking
about my preschool posts. Just considering what I post, I
really haven’t given a good view of what DD’s “preschool
day” really looks like. I would say the majority of the
day is spent in creative play. She plays elaborate games
with her stuffed animals, plastic animals, and doll house.

She builds things with legos and K’nex with LD. She plays
outside. She, LD and L-friend have long elaborate games
that often consist of our foam cushions as cubby houses
or the chairs and cushions as an “airplane.” The story
lines are complicated and their stories often last for well
over an hour before something new comes up.

She likes putting on shows and has recently asked me to
put on music so she can dance.

She loves to dress up. Our dress-up box gets daily use —
she often helps ED to dress up as well.

She loves to look at books and to be read to.

We don’t ever have the TV on until the end of the day
(after 3pm) and even then, the kids only watch one
show.  Well, unless it’s something school related (the
kids enjoy Mathtacular, for example, and I’ll let them
watch something like that once every week or two during
the day).

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