Experiment 9: Surface Tension in Water

Grandpa sent us a wonderful science video clip
about water drops. So, I set up this experiment to
go along with the two minute video (which we
watched afterward). The experiment was
quite simple, but the kids were at it for at least
twenty minutes!

1) Pour a pitcher of water into a dish
2) Place some colored water into a small dish
3) Using an eye dropper, pick up some colored
4) Drop ONE drop into the water. Try dropping
from different heights (close to the water or
several feet from the water).

Watch carefully and see what happens (ripples in the
water, water splashes back upwards).

We took pictures along the way to capture the
moment and this added to the experiment as the
kids wanted to “see” the water droplet in action.

Once you’re done, You can have the kids watch this
2 1/2 minute science video about surface tension
and water droplets. In the video they slowed down
the speed of the film (to 67 times slower than
normal) and you can actually see the water droplet
bounce off the surface of the water.

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