Experiment 3: The Celery Slurping Results

We got almost immediate results from ED’s celery where
she took a big bite out of the stem! It made for interesting
discussions as to why so much dye accumulated on that

When I asked LD why the water was going up the stalk
when gravity pulls things down, he first answered, “Maybe
it’s evaporating.” (Hmm… but it’s not hot in here I pointed
out.) “Maybe it’s crawling. Wait but it’s not alive,” he
quickly added. A few minutes later you could see the
stars shine in his eyes “I think it’s trying to drink it — drink
the water! Yes, it’s trying to drink it!” (I jotted all this
down as he talked!) Fun to see the excitement.

I couldn’t help but be caught up in the excitement as
the celery leaves became more and more colorful.

We ALL said at one time or another, “Come check this

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