Plate Movements on Earth Cause Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Our last experiment (demonstration perhaps is a better word) was on plate movements. We looked at a map of the world’s plates, then made our own out of clay. On each plate was a continent (raised) and ocean (lower parts).

We talked about how plates move around. Under each
plate we put some magma (corn syrup and red food dye).

When the plates are moving nothing happens to the magma
(picture 1)

Sometimes plates rub against each other or one plate
slips up and over another creating earthquakes.
Sometimes when the plates move against each other lava
come up (volcanoes!)

Sometimes the plates press against each other and create

Then we talked about the ring of fire, where lots of
earthquakes and volcanoes occur. The ring of fire is located
along the edges of these plates.

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