Composer Posters and Picture Cards

If you’ve visited our website before, You’ll recognize the
craft table where I set up experiments. In the corner
is where I stash some of my music stuff. I have these
lovely composer posters there. Since I’m talking about
resources, I thought I’d share the link where I got them:
She has lots to choose from.

I noticed that she had these same composer cards in a
smaller version and I thought that was perfect for our
calendar! This year, we’ve been posting a new artist’s works
most every week in the calendar. It’s great to be able
to include some composers as well. (I made the art cards
myself to size them appropriately for our calendar.)

Here’s where I got these composer cards. She also has
some plain composer cards that you can print with
information on the other sides (I don’t have those): plain composer cards.

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