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My Surgery Update 0

My Surgery Update

I had another major ear surgery last Tuesday (June 3).  I’ve had a whole range of problems and complications stemming from some ear surgery back in October.  I seem to have a “dehiscence” or hole along the horizontal semicircular canal (#2 in the picture below) which cause a range of problems from noise sensitivity to balance issues. And while it seems it would be easy to just plug the hole...

In Crisis Lies Opportunity for Growth 15

In Crisis Lies Opportunity for Growth

Just over a week ago, I had my fourth ear surgery since October.  I was braced for a tough recovery.  The surgery was a bit more invasive than the one three weeks ago so it was definitely uncomfortable afterwards. As far as we know the surgery went well. Right now we’re in a long waiting game to see how things settle down.  If you have followed my story, you know...