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Free Owl Worksheets Printables Lapbook - Notebook Pages 0

Free Owl Printables

I made some free Owl Printables that I want to share with you today. 🙂 Have your kids dissected owl pellets?  This is such a great hands-on activity if your kids are studying forest animals or the skeletal system… or even if you just want to do something exciting to add into your homeschool day! This project is wonderful with any age! My youngest daughter finished a big unit on...


Last Minute Girl/Boy Gift Ideas for 4-8 year olds ($5-15)

There are so many last minute gifts to get…your child’s secret buddy, your niece,  your neighbor’s son, the giving tree or your child’s best friend. Here are a couple of unique gifts we’ve given out because they were such HUGE hits with our own kids. 4- to 8-year-old girl The past month, my kids have been obsessed with fuzzy felt friends. We sent this kit as a gift to my 5-year-old (almost...