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Vertebrate Invertebrate sorting Cards 0

Vertebrate – Invertebrate Sorting Cards

I wanted to let you know that I have just made some new Montessori vertebrate-invertebrate sorting cards and added them to the 100+ page Animal Unit. The Animal Unit covers animal classification, animal characteristics, spiders vs. insects, nocturnal vs diurnal animals, animal tracks, herbivores-carnivores-omnivores, and more! I included a sorting mat, as well as labels for the Montessori 3-part vertebrate-invertebrate cards.  If you laminate the cards, you kids can use...


Meet Vertebrae-Man — Our Hands-on Explorations of the Backbone and Nervous System!

Continuing on with our vertebrate-invertebrate unit… One day last week we learned a bit about the backbone and nervous system. We talked about the importance and function of the vertebrae and did some activities to explore how/why the vertebrae work. The kids liked this almost as much as they liked Harold (when we did the circulatory system)!  Here’s a picture of vertebrae man–then I’ll explain what we did… I made...


Invertebrate-Vertebrate Unit Study – Montessori Activities

Homeschooling is so great because you can be flexible and go with the flow when the need arises! We were all prepared to start school with a unit on rocks when my wonderful homeschooling friend offered to give us some flatworms called Planarian. Her family had studied them and their amazing properties.  We jumped at the chance to do something new and delved into a week-long study of invertebrates. It...