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Long A Sound - Activities and Word Sort 0

Long A Sounds /ay/ – a, ai, ay, a-e, ei, eigh, ey –Sorting Cards and Board Game!

Here are some fun activities to work on the long A sound. I made these sorting cards activities,  game board, and bingo cards to help ED with words spelled in these combinations: a, ai, ay a_e, ei, eigh and ey. She has had a lot of fun with this packet and begs me to play “just one more time”! That’s a win for me! She hasn’t yet worked on all...

Spelling Rules — Review Sheets 0

Spelling Rules — Review Sheets

Here are a bunch of pages I made for the kids for reviewing some of the spelling rules they’ve learned. I’ll share these with anyone who might be interested. We use All About Spelling. I also gave examples of answers at the back of the pack (not shown below). This small pack covers the following rules: Long A words Long E words Silent E rules Vowel Teams (ou, ow, oi, oy,...