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Homeschool Week Wrap-Up – Grades 5, 8, 10… but mostly about my 10-year old’s week!

Life in Our Homeschool This was our first week back and it didn’t go quite as planned (though, when does homeschooling ever go exactly as we think it will?!) At the end of last week and into the weekend, I was quite sick.  My older two were away for the holiday weekend with some friends.  When Monday rolled around, ED was excited to start back.  We jumped back into homeschooling...

Do You Have Trouble Getting Everything All Done? 0

Do You Have Trouble Getting Everything All Done?

Sometimes our family is on such fast-forward speed, I have trouble getting to everything I want to.  I have a list of about 10 blog posts to write (we’ve done such great things in our homeschool lately!)… but somehow life gets in the way of actually putting pen to paper — errr… fingers to keyboard! Happily, it’s fun stuff that’s getting in the way these days (rather than all my...


So, How Is Homeschool Life Going? – A Visit to Antietam and More

Dear Friends, I thought I’d spend a post just talking about our homeschool life in general. I find it therapeutic to write about how things are really going since single-themed posts (you know, about commas or slavery) don’t really give a thorough picture of life on the home front. It’s 10 pm on Wednesday evening. I’ve finally left LD’s room and the kids are in bed.  Whew! Hubby is currently in Australia and...