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Finding a Homeschool Math Curriculum

What math homeschool curriculum works well for your family?  We have tried out many different homeschool curriculums.  I tried to come up with a fairly comprehensive list of math curriculums that are available. This week, I updated and added to last year’s post on Choosing a Homeschool Math Curriculum.  That post was so meaty and has so many good links, I’m going to send you straight there! Just let me add,...


Math Worksheets, Game Boards, Lapbook and more (All Free!)

This is the second part in my talk about math curriculums. In the previous post, not only did I list some of the better known homeschool math curriculums, but I shared 15+ ideas for making math engaging and fun! (Math Curriculums and Active Engaging Math Activities) Today I wanted to share some of the materials I’ve made for the kids. I’ve found that the kids really enjoy when I make...