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20+ Classic History Movies to Watch With Older Kids

While Hollywood movies aren’t necessarily “historically accurate,” they do make an impact that sparks people’s interest and encourages people to delve into a subject area in more detail.  Here are some classic movies you might consider watching with your family. Remember, to preview the film first to see if it is appropriate for your family.  When we have watched some of these classic movies together, there are some scenes I’ve chosen...

Technology in Education and in your Homeschool (Part 1) 9

Technology in Education and in your Homeschool (Part 1)

Technology can be integrated into the educational setting (your classroom, your homeschool) as seamlessly and easily as it has made its way into your daily life.  Your computer, tablet, reader, iPhone, video machine and CD player all can supplement your teaching with the right tools.  Many kids already play educational games at home or on the go. Streaming video brings science and history to life.   Slip in a CD of...