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12 Hands-On Science Activities You Can Do Today!

Here are 12 Hands-On Science Activities that you can do with minimal preparation! It can be daunting to know just where to start with science, but in our household it has been one of the kids’ favorite subjects. Why? Because of hands-on activities! With so many parents now wondering what to do and how to get their kids intrigued and excited, turning to hands-on activities can be just the secret...


Hands-on Invertebrate Fun! (Part 1 – Earthworms)

Once we went over the classification of animals (I shared that post and our Montessori Activities here), we got into the exciting hands-on stuff!  We looked at earthworms and a type of flatworm called Planarian. There are some interesting differences in their body systems so we spent time comparing the two. Our first step was to go out to the garden and find ourselves some earthworms.  It was chilly out...