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German Conversation Practice Set: Weather, Days of the Week, Months, Seasons

Today I’m going to share our German worksheets about the weather and seasons, winter words and sickness/illness. These and a dozen other pdfs are icluded in German BUNDLE 1. I have found it difficult to find good German materials and curriculum for kids.  Early on we used a lot of free German worksheets and materials, but then at a certain point the kids were ready for more.  Last spring I...


German Curriculum for Kids

For German this year, we are going to use a number of resources. If you have followed our blog for a while, you know that we used a lot of free resources to build up their basic skills… numbers, colors, animals, basic greetings, etc. You’ll find links to those at the bottom of this post. This year, we will be buckling down a bit more.  Just so you know, I...