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Happy Easter! 0

Happy Easter!

Somehow Easter arrived faster than it should have for us.  The kids and I really didn’t do any crafts or special Easter-themed school activities, though you can see my Easter and Spring Units post from last year that will take you to some free materials. Meanwhile, this morning (Saturday) Hubby and I stuffed over a hundred Easter eggs for a community egg hunt we’re helping to organize/run later today.  I...

Did Every Parent Do This Today? 1

Did Every Parent Do This Today?

With the storm that rolled across the US the past day or two, I wonder how many yards are decorated with snowmen, snow forts and snow angels?!! The kids spent lots of time sledding down our steep hill: The entire family pitched in to make this huge snow fort (it looks more like a snow volcano, doesn’t it?!!): And here are the snowman and snowpets under construction! It sure was...