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Egg-Speriment Packet - Free Egg Experiments for Kids 12

EggSperiment: Brush Your… errr… Egg (Part 4 of 4) and the Free Printable EggSperiment Pack

This activity helps kids understand how very important it is to brush your teeth every day! For this activity we chose coke, grape soda (we didn’t have any grape juice) and coffee. You can use any beverage that you think will stain your teeth.  The kids each selected two drinks and we let the eggs soak for several hours.   As the kids “brushed” their eggs, they were amazed at...


Science Egg-speriments! Just in Time for Easter! (Part 1 of 4)

EggSpect the UnEggSpected with this series of fun Science EggSperiments! In this series you’ll find a dozen terrific egg activities to do with you kids. So… for the first EggSperiment… Because Easter is coming up, we devoted the past week to some fun science EggSperiments. This experiments requires you to soak a raw egg for two days in vinegar, so I’ll share this experiment first so you have time to...